Fashion vs. Art


4 March –  6 August2017

Location: SCHUNCK* Glaspaleis, Shop Window (Bongerd 18, Heerlen)

FASHION VS. ART exhibition at SCHUNCK* in Heerlen is curated by FASHIONCLASH and organized in collaboration with SCHUNCK*, this multidisciplinary exhibition questions the relationship between fashion and art.

The multidisciplinary FASHION VS. ART exhibition displays a selection of work by fashion designers who in their own practice question and challenge the boundaries of fashion as a form of art. With their playful and innovative approach to fashion they stimulate our imaginary world and question our perception. They make you ask yourself: Is it art or is it fashion? 

“If you ask me if fashion is art, then I would answer ‘YES’. I believe that everything in this life is art.

Art is in fact energy, its hanging somewhere in the air and sometimes you can pick it up, sometimes not”Jade van der Mark.

 My designs are based on my paintings. The paintings and the fashion go hand in hand. I get inspired by the way of thinking and moving of our society, I want to translate this into my textiles and paintings” – Jade van der Mark 

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