Jade van der Mark (1990) creates poignant portraits of a contemporary society. 

Currently based in London, van der Mark is using the city as a source of inspiration, sketching  in the heart of the capital, documenting tube commutes and street life. 

Her large-scale portraits of city life, previously inspired by Amsterdam, now turn to London’s vibrant and diverse community.

Thick coats of oil paint give life to monumental textured canvases, rich in detail and complexity and majestic in size. The use of bold and abstracted colour palettes conveys a sense of sculptural depth, amplifying their gravitas. 

As each layer may take up to a week to dry, van der Mark’s paintings are the result of a laboured process lasting up to eight months. Containing multiple stories, which over the course of completion have been  altered or painted over, her works unveil hidden narratives that encourage deeper reflection.





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