Exhibition Amsterdam 2021, Gallery Vroom&Varossieau


Text by Jade Van der Mark, Video by Bart van denaardweg

Private viewing 12th of December, 12 – 8 pm.

The show is running until the end of March.

This is my declaration: I am painting that black man, who is fighting every day for his color, i see you I am painting that homeless person, who is laying down the streets without any help from us. I am painting refugees, for those who risk their lives by crossing the water to survive and hoping for a better day every day. I am painting world leaders who uses their power to make us afraid of living, i see you and i am praying for you. I am painting the ones’, working 80 hours each week to be able to feed their families. I am painting that orphan in India going through life without parents. I am painting that Jewish person, who is convicted every day, because of his cultural background. I am painting our overpopulation, overconsumption, greed and world’s pollution. I am painting the ones’ whom sitting at home suffering burnouts, feeling the daily pressure from our society. I am painting a connection between us, as society. I am painting christians and muslims to live in harmony for them to be walking side by side by faith and becoming able to learn from each other as friends I am painting all of us… I mean US, as unity amongst people! I am painting every race, every colour, every sex, and people from every background, We are all human, we are worthy to be seen, and to embrace each other. We have to learn from each other by listening more to another.

I embrace you with my colours and we become one in my paintings I embrace you because you’re a human being, just like me.


We’re all human….