My Artwork Is

Inspired By All Cultures

Painting title : Snake Dinner
Size: 200 x 170 cm
Material: Oil On Canvas

My Story

Jade van der Mark ( 1990 ) Is Fashion Designer & Artist Dutch artist based in Amsterdam. When Jade van der Mark began her career, she started with Fashion design on the Royal academy of arts. In 2015 she participates at the Salone Mobile Design week in Milan and in 2016 she won The Netherlands Fashion award in Milan, during Fashion week. After the award, she started her brand “Statement made by Jade.” This brand is making a combination between Painting and Fashion, this collection will be launched soon on the website. Jade van der mark is working on a series that play with perspective and value of fashion and art. She is working on this now, for two years.

Jade Van Der Mark


The goal of the project is to shine a light on the talented and inspiring women in the art world. To date, Carla van de Puttelaar have photographed over 250 women worldwide and the series continues to group…