2021, London, Share & Rule.

 Photo: Eelco Wortman



Opening: 13/14-12 2021

Jade van der Mark – ‘Share and Rule’

An activist with a brush, I am not a burden to you, without words or riots I capture the world.

The world of large groups of people, types of people and division.

Nonviolent Communication, a Language of the Heart.

The brush strokes with great depth, simple in solutions.

We are not grey.

We are not black or white.

We balance between the colours of life and we dance like cranes in the field.

Unconstrained in the unknown, together.

I do not think about borders.

I don’t think about religious boundaries.

I don’t think in terms of good and evil.

If we were to follow the nature of our existence, these boundaries would be replaced.

In nature there are no boundaries.

Everything is connected, we are one big family.

Each individual has a role on the canvas.

The power of the whole, the power of the now.

Stories in colour, without uncertainty, because the light conquers the darkness.

Also for the generations that will come after us.

The culture of time that is falling away, a search from reality to the illusion in which we find ourselves.

The culture of togetherness that loses to the enemy ” isolation.” The time that makes us feel echoes of unknown depths, that is what I paint for!

With the colours I use and the humanity I portray, Equality is the goal, rediscovering each other and unmasking the haze of time.

Painting all the imperfections of time, painting for justice, equality, freedom and human diversity.

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